Meeting of the Directors of the National Security Authorities from the Region

Ljubljana, November 28, 2013


At the meeting of the directors of the National Security Authorities from the region, held on November 28, 2013 in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia, joint conclusions were brought and they were expressed in the following Closing Statement:

“The directors of the NSAs from the region met in Ljubljana at the Regional Meeting of six NSA directors in Ljubljana, Slovenia (RND – 6S meeting).

The goal of the event was reached: RND – 6S confirmed the commitment to upgrade the process of protecting classified information in the region and to demonstrate an awareness that the region itself has to take responsibility for the development of its field of work. Moreover, RND – 6S would like to identify initiatives and projects that might stimulate regional cooperation and integration.

The NSA directors committed themselves to regular meetings at a principal`s level at least once a year. At RND – 6S meetings specific common projects will be endorsed.

The NSA directors decided that meetings on an expert level would be held when required.

The appointed POC from each NSA will coordinate the work of experts, arrange the topics and make draft proposals of RND – 6S meeting conclusions.

Following this example, the next RND – 6S meeting will be held in 2014.

RND – 6S encouraged all involved NSAs to work on a set of bilateral agreements or arrangements (example Exchange of

Letters) on cooperation and operation in the field of protection of classified information.

RND – 6S committed themselves to place emphasis on joint projects organized under the auspices of the EU (TAIEX, TWINNING).

The adopted conclusions of the RND –6S are the first step in the launch of a process to focus on joint projects and concrete cooperation to the benefit of the security in the region. With those conclusions, the region sent a clear and unanimous message to the EU that it is ready and willing to take further steps to join; to this end, the countries will exercise mutual support and assistance. Regardless of the fact that the process of EU integration depends on the progress made by individual countries, particular importance should also be attached to joint action, mutual support and assistance between the countries of the region.

RND – 6S agreed on the initial common project – NSA Cloud – becoming the framework for the exchange of data required for security cooperation. To that end, NSA Slovenia will organize a workshop on the legal prerequisites, basic documents/forms and minimum security standards of the project in 2014.

In that way the Slovenian and Croatian NSAs (as members of the EU) will formulate a joint statement and inform EU institutions (and the NATO Office of Security) on the conclusions of the first RND – 6S meeting, with the aim of gaining their additional support for prospective work of the 6S group.”