Held TAIEX Workshop

Skopje, 16-17 March 2011


On 16-17 March 2011 in Skopje the workshop was held on the “Mandatory Provisions for Administrative, Physical Security and INFOSEC/NCSA”. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the European Commission from Brussels, within the framework of the TAIEX program.

Presenters at the workshop were the Director of the Directorate for Security of Classified Information, Mr. Urlich Van Essen and Mr. Sebastian Leonnet, Heads of units at the EU Council Secretariat General concerning information assurance and security of sensitive CIS, Mr. Matti Kesäläinen, Consultant for the Finnish National Security Authority and Mr. Róbert Pekarčík, representative of the National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic.

Representatives of some 60 state organs, private companies and other legal entities users of classified information participated in the workshop.

This event had a positive response by all the participants and represented a good opportunity to exchange experience and compare the progress achieved in the protection of the classified information in the EU, the Republic of Finland, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Macedonia.