Meeting of the Directors of the National Security Authorities in the Region 6S Format

Bled, 12 September 2018


The sixth meeting of the Directors of the National Security Authorities (NSA) of the Ex-Yugoslav republics (6S format) was held on 12 September 2018 at Bled, Republic of Slovenia, as a back-to-back event with the Eighth SEENSA Conference. The meeting was supported by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) as a result of its clear committment to support all forms of regional cooperation that are not contradictory to the SEENSA format of cooperation.
According to the established practice, the goal of the meeting was to exchange experiences about the processes and activities related to the classified information currently ongoing in the countries from the region that may grow into events with bilateral and regional character. In that context, the participants in the discussions identified initiatives and projects that will contribute to strengthening the regional cooperation and will give a new impetus to the implementation of the security policy on exchange and mutual protection of classified information in the region.