EAPC Security Forum

Ohrid, June 28-29, 2007


The Directorate for Security of Classified Information (DSCI) participated in the preparations and the realization of the EAPC Security Forum that was held in Ohrid, on 28 and 29 June 2007.

During the preparations for the Forum in duration of a couple of months, the DSCI, through its representatives at the Secretariat for the organization of the event, has introduced more closely all the participants to the NATO Security Policy concerning the administrative and the personnel security of classified information. With the assistance by the DSCI, the organizers and the participants in the event implemented the strict NATO standards, which for the Republic of Macedonia means yet another step in coming closer to the invitation for Alliance membership. Within the scope of its work, the DSCI and the relevant services accomplished security checks and issued 1711 NATO Personnel Security Clearances, on the basis of which NATO issues passes, necessary for entering into the administrative and security zones established for the purposes of such events.

The Directorate was also engaged in providing conditions for handling and storage of classified information during the Forum in line with NATO standards, which have already become standards of the Republic of Macedonia.

For the well done job, the NATO Coordinating Body granted Certificates of Appreciation to the DSCI representatives for the outstanding support to the EAPC Security Forum.